Review: Complementary Colors by Adrienne Wilder

Complementary Colors

This was a sad story. I felt so bad for Paris at times, but I also felt like I didn’t totally connect with him. I don’t know what it was. Maybe the revelation of the secret came too late. For most of the story I didn’t know what to make of Paris and his sisters. I did enjoy Roy though, he was sweet and supportive. The plot is what kept me reading, I wasn’t totally crazy about the characters. It was an enjoyable read. I felt like the ending was kind of rushed, I wish the people who wronged Paris suffered a little more. I’m all about revenge…lol.

3.5 stars


I LOVED Paris. He was so crazy, but fun. He seemed like that friend who is always ready to party, but that you worry about at the same time. I knew automatically that he had gone through trauma, and I needed to know what exactly it was.Once I found out what was happening and what had happened, I wanted everyone in his world to burn and for Paris to win. Roy was sweet and determined. His love for Paris was immediate and aggressive, even as he was patient with Paris. He was beyond selfless and was willing to give everything for Paris. I actually really enjoyed these characters and wanted to see them overcome all odds.

4 stars



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