Archer's Voice
Currently reading Ramsay, so its only right Mia Sheridan would be exhibited for #ThrowbackThursday…
This book was amazing. I loved this unique story. I’ve read books where the hero couldn’t speak, but their presence couldn’t command the pages like Archer’s.
I completely disregarded “the sign of love series” after I read Leo because the 2nd book was a POV novel and I hate those most of the time. But I recently read becoming Calder/Eden. And I absolutely loved them and their story. So I decided to read this and I’m glad because it is now on my favorites list!
This story had me swooning, crying, and falling in love. While reading this, I thought “this would be a great movie”. The setting, the haircut, the angst, the tears, the kisses, and Archer with that ax… Lol. I want to see it on screen.
Bree and Archer were beautifully damaged characters. They deserved so much after everything they had endured. This book offers a beautiful love story, with amazing characters. Read it!!!!!!!!
Still loving Archer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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