Review: The Bird and the Sword by: Amy Harmon

The Bird and the Sword

This was the third fantasy book I’ve read this year and I enjoyed it just as much as the others. I think this is my new favorite sub-genre. This was a beautiful story that was paced just right. I loved the world building and the plot. Lark and Tiras were an amazing pair. Lark was unassuming, but strong. Tiras was a fierce king, but had a big heart. Amy Harmon has a way with her characters. I always just seem to fall in love with them.

4 stars


So, fantasy is always a gamble right? There is so much time spent building the world, that once you get into it, the story and characters have to be worth the investment. This story was definitely worth it. The fantasy stories we’ve read this year all have a similar format, but the writing and character development were so amazing that it did not matter. Lark and Tiras were a seemingly unlikely couple, who ended up making each other stronger. This was a great love story in an amazingly believable world built from scratch.

4 stars


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