Review: Full Tilt by Emma Scott

Full Tilt (Full Tilt, #1)Listen, Emma Scott just twirled into our lives and rocked our world. I am writing this review as I swallow the lump in the throat from trying to keep my tears from pouring down my face while I read this book at my customer facing job. I mean really. This was such an emotional roller coaster. Such amazing high moments, and some really excruciating low moments. I laughed, cried, got frustrated, got angry, then laughed and cried all over again. I LOVED Jonah and Kacey’s relationship. These characters jumped off the page. I wanted to reach into this book and enjoy the moments with them. Really amazing story. I read it in one sitting. Emma Scott is rapidly earning a trusted author rating.

5 stars


Yeah, I agree with Jasmine, Emma Scott is on her way to becoming one of our trusted authors. This book was so good and so heartbreaking. Jonah and Kacey continue to break my heart. I mean I read this a week ago, and I feel sad all over again. Obviously these characters really touched me. Jonah and Kacey were authentic characters who I adored. Even though I loved this one, I’m terrified of where this story is going. idk…

5 stars


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