One by Jewel E. Ann


Can I say how much I love Lake!?! She’s so funny. Lake drew me into this story immediately. I couldn’t put this down from the first word. She was amazing!! We also got to visit with the Jones family which was also amazing. I wanted to drop everything I was doing when I finished this book to write this review. Cage was also such a loving man who was willing to travel to the ends of the Earth for his woman. This story has put Jewel E. Ann securely in my trusted author’s list. This book came after several mediocre stories that were highly anticipated. We were not expecting this book, but it blew me away. I finished this easily in one sitting. This is a must read!!

5 stars


So not expecting this! Lake was hilarious!!!!!!!!!! I loved her and our shared obsession with Jackson Teller. This was a refreshing experience. Cage and Lake were hot and adorable. Cage knew what he wanted and had no problem going after it. I loved their story. I loved this book. I’m already anticipating Jewel E. Ann’s next book.

4 stars




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