Review: Torn by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Torn (A Wicked Saga, #2)

This was my first time not being head over heels for one of JLA’s heroes. Ren is kind of forgettable. I had no recollection of him and Ivy being in love. I thought they were just screwing. I felt so bad but I have to be honest. I love JLA, she is the ying to my yang. Maybe I forgot because the book was a little late coming out. But in any case, I still enjoyed it. I was hoping The Prince turned into a solid love interest, even though I HATE love triangles. Tink is hilarious and I want him. I have Amazon Prime!!!!!!!!!!! As usual JLA’s world building is extraordinary and I forgot the real world while immersed in hers. JLA rules PNR!!!!!!!!!!!

3.5 stars


So I’m, with Natasha. I did not LOVE this story, but it definitely built and got better as we read. I trust JLA and I’m hoping that the building pays off. Ren and Ivy are ok. I didn’t really remember them having such a passionate dynamic. I do looove Tink. He’s too funny! I love JLA and really cannot wait to see where this goes. I trust her!

3.5 stars


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