Review: Entrapment (Infidelity Book 4) by Aleatha Romig

Entrapment (Infidelity, #4)


Really Aleatha, really? This book was as dreaded as it was anticipated because reading an Aleatha installment is such a stressful experience. We keep saying that we’re not going to read her books until the series is complete, but find ourselves pre-ordering the book and staying up until midnight to dive in. This book lived up to all expectations. Aleatha is such a good writer that I know better than to think I understand what’s going to happen and where the story is going, but I still get lured into a false sense of security only to have the rug snatched from underneath me when I least expect it. The characters continue to grow and with greater understanding of each character comes greater investment. Each character is so important to the overall story and no individual follows an expected trajectory. If you’re not staying up late to read Aleatha’s stories as they come out, you should be.

4.5 stars (because that ending was just rude)


Being Aletha’d is a beautiful and tortuous experience. I love the evil genius that she is.  Her books inflict a dichotomy of emotions every time. This story was torture. Nox and Charlie’s story takes a turn for the worst. It was a bumpy ride and I pray they’ll make it through. The character development is amazing. I love how Nox and Charlie are growing as individuals and a couple.  I met A. Ro this weekend. I didn’t know whether to hug or shake her. I ended up hugging her. She was sooo sweet… well at least I thought she was. Did I get Aleatha’d? lol. You can never get to comfortable with her characters. Don’t trust anyone. She ruins us for other books. We can  be reading a scene about two kids making mud pies… I’ll call Jasmine and say “hey, you think Tommy put glass in those pies?”. We then realize its residual Aleatha. But we love every second and already have the next ones preordered. She is one of our trusted authors. Preorders and one-clicks without questions.

5 stars


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