Review: Blood & Marriage by Miss Merikan


ARC provided by authors in exchange for honest review.

This review contains spoilers for the first three books in the Guns & Boys series.

This book is a companion to our beloved Seth and Dom series. Normally, companion novels never live up to the original cast of characters. This book was well written from the start and had well developed and lovable characters. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder because this book paints Santo and Lucrezia, who we viewed as the enemy in Guns N’ Boys, as HOT! Their connection was immediate and as beautiful as it is forbidden. What a difference it is hearing about her from Santo’s perspective and to hear about Santo from hers. It was so funny to hear about key moments from their point of view as well.  This is an excellently written book and I want more Santo!

4.5 stars


I loved this book!!! Not only was it hot as hell, but it was hilarious. Dom and Seth painted Lucrezia as an old maid, but that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. She was a gorgeous, vivacious, fashion forward woman. I loved her. While reading Guns N Boys, Lucrezia seemed liked she was just waiting for Seth to come scoop her up, but in reality she was carrying on a hot n’ heavy relationship with Santo. Santo was a level#3 book boy. He was smart, calculating, and sexy. Santo and Lucreazia’s passion jumped off the pages and definitely gave Dom and Seth a run for their  money. I really enjoyed experiencing Santo’s and Lucrezia’s relationship from their perspective. I laughed so hard every time I thought about what Seth and Dom were doing while this book was taking place…what a great experience. I know Lucrezia and Seth will end up being best friends and I can’t wait. Their fashion and food blog is going to be amazing. Thank you K.A. Merikan for giving us this ARC!!!!

4.5 stars


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