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So we have to talk about Santo. Santo was seriously such an unexpected hottie that even though he didn’t make book boy of the month, he deserved a post just for his beauty. Santo was described as so ugly and basic in the majority of Seth and Dom’s story that I really expected Santo to be mediocre and soft ( I mean, we know the story of how he was made). He was anything but. Yes, he had that nasty scar, but that added to his beauty. He was strong both mentally and physically and used his intelligence to keep his woman safe. Santo was a sneak attack of sexy and I loved the confidence he exuded with Lucrezia. He claimed her from the moment he laid eyes on her, and never let her go, definitely a #level3.

#level3 #mcm


Santo was so unexpected. He was everything we want in a book boy. He was cunning, sexy, and the epitome of an alpha male. Santo did what he had to do to win and keep Lucrezia. His scar gave him character, and I have no idea how Dom and Seth thought he was ugly. Santo was a pleasant surprise and I can’t wait to get more of him. He was sooooo close to becoming September’s book boy of the month.



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