Review: Between Here and the Horizon by Callie Hart

Between Here and the Horizon

This was an entertaining read. It was a slow start, but @ 19% I was like WTH?!!!!!!!!!! I really loved the setting. I have a pet peeve, I hate when books tell and no show. There was a lot of that in this book. Periods of time were skipped. Its hard for me to believe in relationships when I don’t experience the interactions. IDK…just how I feel. There were some really swoon worthy moments. I can’t say much about the characters because it would give away the plot twist. I really love this author and can’t wait for her next read.

3 stars


Definitely a slow start like Natasha said, but at 19%, I called her because it went from 0-100. After that, it was a cute story. Nothing that stood out really. A somewhat predictable love story. There wasn’t enough detail about the development of their relationship to really be invested in these characters and their love. I do love Callie Hart and look forward to her next release.

3 stars


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