Review: Win Some, Lose Some by Shay Savage

Win Some, Lose SomeI loved this story!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t explain the joy being in Matthew’s head gave me. It was such an refreshing read. His thoughts were so innocent and sweet. Gah!!!!!!!!!!!! He was  adorable. I loved the main characters as well as supporting characters. This was a heartwarming story that made me feel. I laughed the entire time I was reading this, there were a few tears as well. I could read this book all over again. Sometimes you need a book that makes your soul smile. Mayra’s acceptance and love for Matthew was so beautiful. I loved how she supported and encouraged him. What a win!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Brandi!!!!!!!!!!

5 stars


This was such a refreshing story. We have read several stories about autistic men, but we are never in their head. This was a rare glimpse into the thoughts of an autistic protagonist. His thoughts were pure and so sweet. I think I’m a bad person because I kept expecting Mayra to leave him or to be playing a trick on him. She was his perfect match though because she was incredibly patient and kind. This was such a feel good story that was also well written. The supporting characters were well placed and added depth to the story as well. This is a definite must read. I LOVED it.

5 stars


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