Review: Vicious by L.J. Shen

Vicious (Sinners of Saint, #1)

This is our second read by this author. The first was Sparrow, which made our favs of 2016. So I don’t know why we haven’t read more from this author. But after reading this, I will make it my goal to read anything she writes. I loved these characters. Believe this title. Vicious was so horrible, he was… vicious. But I adored him. He stayed true to his character throughout the book. He was a raging asshole. His name suited him perfectly. I appreciated how the author didn’t turn him into a groveling softie, while portraying his deep love for Emilia. I loved how Emilia accepted him and loved him in spite of. This is the type of love I like to read about, love that follows the heart and not the head. Love is acceptance and Emilia accepted Vicious for the asshole he was. I really liked this one.

4 stars


I fell for Vicious. He was such an asshole and was blazing a path of destruction and no one was exempt. I was initially worried that this was going to be another high school drama, but this was FAR from that. Vicious was all man and yes he was a jerk, but he was so HOT too. Emilia was the perfect combination of sweet, gentle and strong to put him in his place, but support him at the same time. Their love story was a hot mess, while also being sweet and uniquely theirs. Amazing read!

4 stars


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