Review: Fidelity by Aleatha Romig

Fidelity (Infidelity, #5)

Well damn… it’s over. This picks up right where book #4 ended. And boy does Aleatha take us on one hell of a ride. This was an action packed read with layers upon layers of discovery. Every question was answered, a few in a jaw dropping manner ( Aleatha wrote this). I laughed, cried, and screamed bloody murder while reading this. The conclusion to this series was just as riveting as the first in this series. Nox and Charli continue to fight for their love. Nox is as sexy and domineering as EVA! But I think I have a crush on Oren.  I loved how everything came full circle. This was a perfect conclusion to a epic series. The epilogue was amazing and surprisingly none of their enemies were looking through the windows. I’m so sorry to see this series end. My only complaint…I wanted another spanking! Lol. Even though I didn’t get it, Aleatha didn’t disappoint and stayed true to the evil genius that she is. Have you been Aleatha’d?

First five star read of the year!


Sigh… it’s finished. I really cannot believe that it’s finished. This finale was highly anticipate because of course Aleatha left us hanging on the edge in book #4. This picked up right where the previous book ended. As a finale, I had so many expectations about this book. Aleatha delivered. There we answers to each story line. Of course the answers were dramatic and convoluted, but there was the resolution you crave from the final story in a series. I love Nox. He’s loving, protective, sexy as hell. Charli is that strong female character that I love to read and connect with. Together, they are a perfect match. Oren and Adelaide’s story was a sweet addition as well. Oren really loved him some Adelaide. I’m so sad to see this series finished. As much as I hated waiting for each release, I’m going to miss the excitement and anxiety involved in waiting for the next installment. Aleatha never disappoints! #aleathad #level3

5 stars


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