Teaser Tuesday!!!!!

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Seth grabbed Dom’s other hand and led it to his own chest where an ugly bruise was blooming where Dom had hit him earlier. It only reminded Dom of the reason for their fight and brought him back to reality.

Mark. They had to deal with that lying brat.

He groaned and gently moved his fingers over the dark flesh, only to lean down and kiss it. “I’m sorry I hit you. Does it hurt?”

“Only when I breathe.”

Domenico chuckled and gave Seth a soft kiss. His body was cooling down, and being close like this now didn’t feel arousing but safe, familiar. As if they were an island on normalcy in the chaos of Toro’s household. “You clearly don’t need to.”

Seth leaned in and wrapped his arms around Dom’s neck. “I have to breathe, dumbass. If I stopped, you’d die.”

Domenico grinned. “We could have a casket for two made ahead.”
“I was romantic, you’re being morbid.” Seth kissed Dom’s ear nevertheless.


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