Review: Riot by Tillie Cole

Riot (Scarred Souls, #4)Another heart wrenching read from one of our favs Tillie Cole. This is the story of Inessa and Ilya. Their story is no less heart breaking than the previous ones in this series. I was a bit concerned that this series would become redundant, but my worries were for nothing. I loved these characters. Ilya was so closed off and reluctant to love. But once he opened up to Inessa, it was a beautiful story. Inessa had endured the unthinkable, but she remained such a pure soul. They were meant for each other and they fought for their right to love one another. This story was action packed and kind of angsty. I was so scared for Inessa on multiple occasions. I didn’t know what to expect. I was rooting for our warriors. I loved that we got to see all the previous couples in the series. This was a perfect ending to an exceptional series. Read this series if you haven’t.

4 stars


I mean, how does she do it? Tillie Cole is the master of emotions. She delivers again taking us on this emotional rollercoaster! This is the final story in a series that we have read from day 1. Each story in this series delivers amazing action along with a heart wrenching love story. This story manages to give us more of the same without being boring, predictable or redundant. I fell in love with Inessa and Ilya. Inessa was an amazing woman, beautiful inside and out, even after years of torture, drugs and training. Ilya had closes himself off from all others to protect himself, but let Inessa into his heart in a way that was undeniable. In contrast to the bloody fights of the pit, there were some exceptionally tender moments between Ilya and Inessa that stole my heart. This was sadly the end of the series,  but it was a perfect end. This series is a MUST READ.

4.5 stars


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