Review: Grievous by J.M. Darhower

Grievous (Scarlet Scars, #2)

Thank the Author Gods that we didn’t have to wait long for this one. Since Lorenzo was last month’s book boy of the month it should be obvious we love him dearly. Nothing changes with this book. I think I actually love him more. He is just as dangerous, but there is this caring side to him that he refuses to acknowledge. He shows it in his actions, even thought he will NEVER voice it. I loved this book. Morgan is still time enough for him, and strong as ever. She continues to fight for her white picket fence and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if she got it. Scarlet is so used to being alone, so I loved those moments when she was able to trust Lorenzo. When he would tell her “I got you.” I swooned Every. Single. Time. The sex scenes were hot and the action was packed. J.M. if you’re reading this…Lets do a small Florida wedding with Mel and Leo, Lorenzo is the best man and Karissa is the maid of honor. Please. Just a small novella…I need to see Lorenzo and Naz interact some more. Thanks.

4.5 stars


Umm, yes please to some Lorenzo and Naz interaction! Brilliant idea Natasha!

This book was yet again amazing. The relationship between Scarlet and Lorenzo continued to grow in a way that felt completely natural. Scarlet was so strong and independent, it was amazing to see her let down her guard and trust Lorenzo to take care of her. And Lorenzo always took care of her. Lorenzo was a man of action and not of words, but his actions were enough to say everything he couldn’t vocalize. His love for Scarlet carried over to Sasha, and the interaction between Lorenzo and Sasha was super sweet. This is definitely a must read!

4.5 stars



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