Review: Broken Clocks by Danielle Allen

Broken Clocks

According to my grandma, a broken clock being right twice a day meant that in any given situation, perfect timing only happens twice. 
I fell for William Grayson in a matter of minutes. The connection between us was undeniable, but our timing was off. I was dating someone and by the time I was single again, he was taken. And a year later, when we finally got together, it was clear that we were soulmates. But circumstances out of our control cut our time short. 
We were a little older, a little wiser, when our paths crossed again. I was entering a new phase of independence in both my career and my life. He was growing professionally and moving to a new city. And even though our timing was off, it was still clear that we were soulmates. But for the second time, circumstances out of our control cut our time short. 
My grandma was a wise woman, but my love life taught me that there’s no such thing as perfect timing. 
There’s just timing… Because nothing is perfect. 
There’s just right now… Because tomorrow isn’t promised. 
For as long as we’d known each other, William and I just wanted to be together. It was as simple and as complicated as that. 

This is my 1st fiction read from Danielle Allen. I have been trying to get to one of her books for months, but my TBR… I follow Danielle on Instagram. Her posts are like a manual on becoming a grown ass woman.  I say all of this to say, Layla, the heroine in this book was a grown ass woman and I just adored her.  Layla was human, she made mistakes and wasn’t perfect by a long shot. But Layla owned, communicated, and/or apologized for every feeling and mistake. Yes, this was a beautiful love story. Yes, I rooted for them and woo, those sex scenes were hawt. But the lessons in this book will stay with me forever. I laughed, cried, and almost threw my kindle. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I was a fan before reading this. I might be on the path to becoming a stan…

4 stars


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