Tortured Whispers By Danielle James

Tortured Whispers

So I read this book a few weeks ago and every time I think about Brooklyn and Caesar, my heart melts. The author issued a disclaimer about the story being taboo. But I didn’t care I dove right in. I live for taboo, gut wrenching emotional, and dark reads! The more depravity the love has to survive the better. I. Am. Here. For. It! This story didn’t disappoint. It was taboo and not for everyone.

Caesar and Brooklyn’s story was a hell of a roller coaster ride.  Brooklyn’s story was laced with heartbreaking moments. She faced her demons the best way she knew how, until Caesar… Why are book boys everything the heroine needs and more? They’re perfect even when they aren’t. Caesar and Brooklyn’s relationship was extremely unconventional but it was what they both needed. I loved how their friendship blossomed into some of the hottest scenes I’ve ever read. Sheesh!!!!

This book was an easy 4 stars




This book deals with self-harm and depression.
This love story is only for the open minded and brave of heart. If you are squeamish or draw a hard line at strong themes, this book may not be for you, and that’s okay.

Drowning in plain sight while everyone can see you is terrifying.
But more than anything it’s lonely. And sometimes withstanding the weight of being alone is worse than anything.
The only thing that helped me cope was cutting.
Sinking a razor into my arm over and over pushed air into my lungs even though it hurt me in the long run. It was the only way I could breathe.
Until I found him.
He wasn’t supposed to ever be mine and my sick mind wasn’t supposed to look at him the way I did.
Like he hung the moon and the stars.
But he made me float
And floating felt so much better than drowning.
I never wanted to leave his side once I realized he was the reason I could finally breathe again.
I knew the world would try to pull us apart.
I knew the demons inside of me would try to sabotage our love around every corner.
I knew our minds were warped for wanting to be together.
We were vile.
Sin personified.
But I was willing to slay every demon and heal every cut if it meant I could be with him. 


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