Honey Sugar by Danielle James

Honey Sugar

When I read Danielle James’ books I read at least 2 in a row. I instantly become obsessed with her words all over again. This book started yet another journey into Danielle James’ rabbit hole.

Ivy and Titan’s story destroyed me. Yes, it was taboo, but who am I to judge?! Their love stemmed from a place that many would agree was just plain wrong.  But, ooh it felt so right. Titan and Ivy had their fair share of drama, secrets, and baggage. Even though they hid from outsiders,  Titan was honest  and never hid from Ivy…

“I laid out every page of my story. I told her the parts written on back pages. I told her the parts scribbled in the margins. I told her the parts that had been erased and rewritten because it was too difficult to face the reality. I laid out all my unbound pages for Ivy to examine.”

Titan was protective, and sexy af. His sexiness oozed from my kindle and puddled at my feet. I could not get enough of his dark eyes and beard. I love bearded men!!!! He was entirely too yummy. Ivy agreed with me, because their chemistry was off the Richter!

“Lord. My body wasn’t mine. It was his and I surrendered it without war.”

Gah!!! Those words settled somewhere deep in my bones and I felt them on a visceral level. Titan conquered Ivy’s mind, body, and soul. He became her life, and she his. I adore love stories birthed from pain and desperation. I am a hopeless romantic, so when a couple’s love survives the most traumatic situations they will become a permanent fixture in my ultimate romance catalog. Ivy and Titan’s story was the epitome of pain and desperation. They faced unthinkable obstacles, but through it all they never let go of one another. And that, ladies and gentlemen is my ish!

Ivy and Titan were everything. It was something so charismatic and authentic about their love that melted my heart and panties. This. Book!

“Our names side-by-side was an entire mood.”

Yes, this book was an entire mood. Danielle James is an entire mood. #getintoher

5 stars



I was supposed to lay low after my first murder. 
I was supposed to let the heat die down so I could return to a normal life. 
Staying in Sugar Bayou with my family was the perfect way to do it. 
Nothing went the way it was supposed to though. 
I fell for the one girl I couldn’t have. 
Our ties ran too deep. 
They were too tangled. 
She was forbidden and loving her the way I did was sick. 
It was a sin. 
But I didn’t need cures or prayers. 
I needed her. 





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