Bomb by Danielle James


Hawt AF! That’s what this book was. Cyrus and Bellamy’s story dealt with some heavy issues but was freaking hilarious! Bellamy and Cyrus were just what I needed. They burned up the pages of my kindle, were easy to relate to, and extremely likable. 

I have a confession to make. I have a huge crush on Bellamy, and being in her head was my happy place. She was hilariously viscous. She could cut glass with her tongue. She was soooo much fun!  I adored her, and I was ecstatic when she started to adore herself.

Cyrus was a breath of fresh air. He was a controlled alpha that made my heart race. He was caring but gritty. He loved Bellamy in this brutally honest way,  which left no room for questions. It was absolutely beautiful to witness.

Even though I lived for Bellamy and Cyrus, the supporting characters stole the show at times. Rev. Wilson and Joan were a horrible trip. While  Pax had my face hurting from laughing so hard. I am dying to find out more about Crimson, Declan and Paxton.

Danielle James has a tremendous range when it comes to writing. She does romcom, erotica, taboo, dark, and anything else a reader might wish for.  I am here for it all.

5 stars



Girls like me don’t deserve love. 
Because girls like me destroy anything good and pure. 
I’m a walking, talking bomb. 
I ruin everything and leave shrapnel in my wake. 
Everyone in my path steers clear. 
Everyone except for…him. 
He sees past my short fuse and directly into the wreckage left behind by my past. 
He’s one of the good ones. 
An angel on earth. 
He doesn’t know that I crush halos and sabotage happiness every chance I get. 
I’ll probably sabotage us too. 
It’s a tough lesson to learn… 
But I’m an excellent teacher.



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