Daemon (book boy Oblivion)

Daemon Black is an arrogant *sshole, but I. ADORE. HIM. He is my #1 book boy. He is everything a #level 3 book boy should be. Daemon is protective, strong, loving and sweet. I love his smugness and his ego. He is sexy as hell. His eyes do me in every single time. He will burn the world down to save Katy. I can’t say enough about DB. No one can ever take his place.  I will never get enough of DB. I will always want more. #1bookboy #level3 #lux


Daemon Black is a jerk, but he loves Katy. He will do anything and everything to protect her, even if it means that she’s upset with him in the process. Daemon is strong, cocky, but has a soft spot for his Kitten. He is definitely #level3


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