F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher

I was on an emotional roller coaster while reading this. The angst was unbearable at times. This book was so angsty. The heroine was so quirky that it was incredibly awkward at times. The timing was never right for Kit and Helena, and I still don’t understand why Kit didn’t just leave Della for Helena. Della was a huge witch. She was selfish, and rude and I have no idea why Kit or Helena maintained a friendship with her. Tarryn always develops great characters and angst-filled stories and this one does not disappoint.

4 stars


I was like WTF after the 1st chapter. This book destroyed me. I was wrecked during the ups and downs of Kit’s and Helena’s relationship. Good Gawd!!!!!!!!!! The angst was ridiculous. Kit and Helena’s story was not an ordinary love story. They fought each other and their connection almost constantly. Life continued to get in the way of their strong connection. This was a CRAZY ride that  only Tarryn Fisher could take us on!!!!!!!!!!

4 stars


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