Review: Consequences by Aleatha Romig

Wth just happened?! I was on an emotional roller coaster during this story. I went from hating, fearing, loving and not trusting Tony. The book was fast paced at times, while other times it just dragged on. I believe the book was written in this fashion so the reader could experience life through Claire’s eyes. And what an experience it was. I felt her pain, I don’t know how she endured. Tony left me speechless. I can’t believe the extent he went through in order to get what he wanted. That ending was epic! Next please!

Four stars


Ok… I’m not even sure where to start with this one. I thought I knew what was happening… I did not. This book was so well written. I felt every single thing Claire felt. When she was anxious and afraid, so was I. When she was falling in love with Tony, so was I. I was even lulled into a sense of security for a little while. The emotional roller coaster this story took me on had me retelling the story to anyone who would listen, even people I know don’t read and didn’t care. At 86%, I locked myself in my office and told everyone at work to LEAVE ME ALONE! This story was so juicy, and even absurd at times. I had no idea what Tony was capable of! Amazing read.

4 stars


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