Review: This is War, Baby by K. Webster

I was convinced this book was just like all the other dark ones that came before it. Initially I felt like I had read this before. But something happened @ around 36%, we met War. Nothing, and I mean nothing could have prepared me for War’s character. He gifted us with an original twist on the popular “sex trade” trope. He was such a refreshing character. Refreshing because he was so different and tortured. War and Baylee were so cute together. He was so determined to fight his demons in order to love Baylee how she deserved to be loved. I read this in one sitting. War was a level 2 book boy. He was so pitiful at times. I hope he wins against his demons especially with that ending.  I can’t wait to read the next book. March 29th can’t come fast enough.

four stars


Ok, what?! Right when I started to feel comfortable and safe, this book took a turn. Now I cannot wait for the second one to come out. Finally, a completely insane male character. We’ve had or share of crazy ladies this year, but this story gave us our first genuinely crazy man. War is a prototypical level 2 book boy. He tries to fight his demons and illnesses to become a man worthy of the woman he loves. While War and Baylee had an unconventional beginning, their love blossomed and became all consuming. Is their story over? I have so many questions!! The next release is right around the corner, but not soon enough.

4 stars


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