Review: A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

Slight Spoilers

Well Damn!!!!!!! Where do I start? This book had so many different reviews. Some bloggers loved it, but they love everything so… Some bloggers hated it, and I normally hate what they hate. One of my favorite reviewers said that this book was on the line ofThe Fault in Our Stars and since I didn’t read that I think this worked out for me. Once I find out a book is a “tear jerker”, I won’t read it, because my experience will be ruined by my waiting to cry. I didn’t know about the impending doom in this book until I was at about 30%. Then I went to the reviews. But it was too late for me. And. My. Heart. Burst. I mean I cried like a baby. I know I looked stupid, but I was so heart broken. Poppy was an exceptional character, that you couldn’t help but love. Her spirit jumped off the pages, I adored her. I loved the way Rune loved her. His heart was at home with Poppy, and if he wasn’t loving Poppy he wasn’t  himself. The portrayal of first love can be tricky, as people always doubt the authenticity of it.  First love is reckless,all consuming, and fearless. Poppy and Rune’s love was all of those things, but their love also never died. *Sigh* This was a beautiful story that dealt with accepting death, healing families, and ultimate soul mates. I cried through every battle, milestone, kiss, and heartache. What a messed up, beautiful story. Tillie Cole you are amazing.

five stars


Whew!! I am emotionally drained! There was so much going on in this story, but at its heart, it was a love story between a boy and a girl. It was a story of two halves of a soul finding each other and experiencing completion. I had to be strategic about where I read this book because Poppy and Rune’s story had me ugly crying, looking stupid in public. I had to put the book down several times, even though I was desperate to see their story unfold, because I couldn’t read through my own tears and runny nose. These characters were so well written and I was deeply invested in them. Poppy had a beautiful soul that infected the people around her with its beauty. Her beauty was so infectious that it broke through Rune’s seemingly impenetrable wall and made him his best self. Rune, through all his faults, never failed to love Poppy with everything he had. He was born to love her, and he did with his entire heart. He made all of her dreams come true even when they seemed unattainable. Theirs was an eternal love. I had such a book hangover after this one. I was such a mess when I finished this story that I was late to work trying to pull myself together. Tillie Cole, you did it again!

5 stars


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