Throwback Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)

This is our first Throwback Thursday. We chose Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. Beautiful Disaster was the first review posted to Goodreads and the review was a disaster. But Travis and Pidge are one of our fav couples of all time. Will love them 4eva! Here’s the review…

Okay, so this is my first book review. I am a self proclaimed Reader. If I wasn’t a nurse I swear I could make a living reading…lol. I read all types of books any genre. So with that being said, this book was absolutely A-mazing. I have read 50 shades, breathing series, and love unscripted recently. I thought those books were good. But had I read this book first,I don’t know how I would have completed the others. I loved loved loved the characters. Hilarious, breathtaking, and I finished this book in one sitting. Don’t get me wrong the other books mentioned in this review were definitely good, but they were mere accent light compared to this spotlight…lol  #throwback #thursday

This is still a 5 star read…Sorry about the shade…didn’t know any better.

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