Review: Dark Notes by Pam Godwin

Dark Notes

I really have no idea how I’m going to follow this book. I really just want to start this all over again. Gah!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this book. The best teacher/student trope I’ve read in a long time. Ivory was a strong character who was dealt a terrible hand in life. I loved how she kept a piece of her innocence throughout it all. Even though Ivory’s life was hell, Emeric made it all better. Emeric was everything. I mean, I become speechless thinking about the sacrifices he made for her. His love for her was epic. Their love was forbidden, unselfish, and hot as fire. I’ll be rereading this soon. Major book hangover. #EmericIsEverything

5 stars



Emeric. EMERIC!! I mean, that’s really all I need to say about this story. Emeric was a strong level 3 book boy. He was sexy, smart, talented. He was hot and urgent, but still patient and gentle. I fell in love with Emeric the moment I met him. Ivory was an amazing match to such an amazing man. She was smart, talented, and determined to make her dreams come true. She somehow managed to maintain innocence even after suffering through such a hard life Even Emeric’s parents were perfect. At first I was disappointed with the ending, thinking it came too fast, but then I realized that I just wanted more. The loose ends tied together perfectly. I just couldn’t get enough. #EmericISEverything

5 stars



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