I feel like this book has gone unnoticed… but its one of my favorites of all time. Here’s the review from 2014.



I’m sorry if this review is a mixture of rambling , exclamation points and more rambling. #1 read of 2014!!!!!!!!!! I started this book and didn’t put my kindle down until I finished. My eyes were burning, but I didn’t care!!!!! I have felt like I couldn’t put books down before, but to actually read in one sitting, haven’t done that in years.

When I started this book I thought I had it all figured out. Midway through my sample, I was like man this is cheese on wheels. But almost at the end of my kindle sample something connected and I purchased this book and GAWD am I glad. This story was amazing. Quill was a beautifully written character who I identified with in every aspect. When she was pissed, I was pissed, when she was happy, I was happy, when she was scared I was scared. Quill could do no wrong in my eyes, I stood by her side in every decision she made! Sweet Julius, I loved him. He was everything Quill thought he was! Forgiveness, family, love, betrayal, character development to die for, alpha male, and steamy scenes are what make this story so dang on good. But the writing was amazing. Idk how I will ever follow this book. I see another rut in my near future. This author has ruined me and I enjoyed every minute of it!

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