Review: Heartbreaker by Melody Grace


*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review*

This was a feel good book. There were no heart stopping moments, complex characters, or major plot peaks. It was kind of predictable and was a second chance romance. The characters were okay, but I felt like I’ve met them before. The plot kept me entertained and interested. The lighthearted story was just what I needed after my last read, which was a ton of heavy. I live for a “rock star” trope, so I wish I could have experienced a little more of that aspect. Eva and Finn’s chemistry was hawt . I loved their sexy scenes.

3 stars


Ok, what a whirlwind story. Finn and  Eva have an unbreakable love that neither time nor heartache can separate. This was a cute love story that was expertly weaved with a hot and heavy romance. Some scenes were impossibly cute while others were undeniably steamy. I LOVED Finn. Ugh, sexy Finn with his man bun and smooth, he LOVED Eva.

3.5 stars


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