Since we’re reading Calico by Callie Hart, we chose to post our review for Twisted on #throwbackThursday. We still love Sloane and Zeth. The review is short, but we were too excited to write a long one, we devoured these books! #goodtimes #amreading

Twisted (Blood & Roses, #5)

I hate that this is a serial. It was over way too fast!!!!!!! OMG  it was amazing. I love Zeth and Sloane . Zeth is overbearing and protective and sexy and dangerous and mine… Lol. Sloane has become Zeth’s woman. And what I mean by that is she is extremely bad *ss. She’s no longer scared she’s ready for anything. The hotel scene was to die for. I have been waiting for that the entire series and it was worth it.  Amazing read. I’ll read them all again right before the next installment! Cam we get 200 pages in the last installment? Ijs…

Might just read these all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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