Almost forgot to post because I can’t look away from Rider and Mallory in JLA’s new book The Problem With Forever

So of course today’s #ThrowbackThursday is brought to you by JLA, one of our favs. So here is our throwback review…



I kneWhite Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentroutw I didn’t want to start this series because I would be stalking Jennifer Armentrout again. I read it because I was in a severe reading slump and I knew I could depend on this author to rescue me! And she did just that. What a wonderful read. Roth was the best part of this book. The wardens sucked and I didn’t really care for Layla. But she grew on me. Bambi rocked. I really enjoyed the world building. Zayne needs to be with Danika, Roth and Layla are my new favorite couple!

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