Review: The Problem With Forever by Jennifer Armentrout

The Problem With ForeverWhat can I say about this book?! What can I say about JLA?! Both are amazing. JLA’s books are the ying to my yang. Her stories are everything to me. Her book boys become the loves of my life. I didn’t even know what this book was about until I was about 20% in, I decided to read the blurb way after I started. JLA is one of my most trusted authors. This story delivered so many messages…finding happiness in unlikely places, believing you’re worth everything, and  staying strong in the midst of obstacles are just a few. Mallory and Rider’s story was heartbreaking, inspiring, and swoon worthy. Rider was a protector from day one and I loved how he was with his “Mouse”. He protected everyone and always put himself last. Mallory was strong and she deserved all the happiness in the world.  I enjoyed these characters so much. I love how developed they were, so authentic. The supporting characters were amazing as well. I’m hoping we get Ainsley and Hector’s story soon. I can’t wait to meet JLA in September. I’m going to be such a dork.

5 stars


I LOVE JLA. These characters were so amazing. I love a strong female character, so being present for Mallory’s growth was amazing. I loved her and wanted all the happiness for her. Rider was so loving and patient and understanding. The character development was amazing as we’ve come to expect from JLA. I cannot wait to meet her. Definitely gonna #fangirl.

4.5 stars


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