Review: Ramsay by Mia Sheridan


I really liked this one. Brogan and Lydia were fighting an uphill battle, and I enjoyed watching it unfold. This was not your run of the mill second chance romance. So many issues were at play. This was a story  about revenge and forgiveness. I am all for revenge, as a matter of fact I live for it (in my books), but talk about revenge going wrong. Brogan’s revenge destroyed so much, and it was hard watching him try to piece it back together. Brogan was sexy as heck though. He was definitely in the running for June’s book boy of the month.

4 stars


Brogan was hot. Especially because I love a good accent. He was definitely in the running to be book boy of the month. He and Lydia’s story was a good in that it touched on real life issues that people deal with. There were times when it was hard to read because they were both denying themselves what they wanted, and then Brogan was a stubborn arse. Fionn really made the book for me though. He was so funny and charismatic. I don’t typically like companion novels, but I sensed a little chemistry between Fionn and Eileen. Are they next?

4 stars


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