Mile High Author Event!!!!!!

We are really tackling this list. So far we’ve read 2 series and one book. We will be totally ready to meet these authors in September.

Room for You (Cranberry Inn Book 1)   Room for More (Cranberry Inn, #2)   Room for Just a Little Bit More: A Novella (Cranberry Inn Book 3)

This was an amazing series. Brody. Brody. Brody. That man was everything. He was so loving, protective, hilarious and sexy. I think I fell in love with hockey. I don’t normally go crazy over children in books, but the Twinkies paired with Brody were so much fun. I also love a nursing student or nurse in a book, since I’m a RN when I’m not reading. I loved this series. It was a fun refreshing read. I am excited to meet Beth in September…


This was such a sweet series. And Brody was super sexy. I have 2 little kids, and I think the sexiest thing a man can do it be a good parent, even though he was maybe a little too soft. He was so committed to making the Twinkies happy. Plus he was the perfect combination of sexy, protective, loving, and romantic.



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