Review: How to Save A Life by Emma Scott

How to Save a LifeEpic!!!!!!!!!! Evan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 5% in I knew this book would be epic. So, I told Jasmine we should do a buddy read. The story of Evan and Jo was heartbreaking at times, but it was so worth it. Their love story was one of trust, survival, and an unbreakable connection. Evan was an amazing character, so sweet and matter of fact. He was just so darn lovable. Jo was the ultimate survivor and extremely relatable. I loved their story. But I have to complain about not getting revenge on Shane. I always need my hero/heroine to be at least vindicated. I didn’t get it in this story, well not how I wanted.  Normally this would cause a decrease in my rating. But this story was soooooo good, its still a HUGE 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, so Emma Scott, came out of nowhere and blew my mind. The story of Evan and Jo was beautiful and unexpected.  Their love was tested time and again, and it made it through every test. Evan was the perfect combination of sweet and protective. He loved Jo with everything and was prepared to protect her from everything, even herself. Jo was such a resilient heroine. They were amazing together. Unlike Natasha, I wasn’t desperate for revenge, so this was easily 5 stars. LOVED. THIS. STORY.



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