Review: Chokehold (Guns N Boys 5) by K.A. Merikan

Guns n' Boys: Chokehold (Guns n' Boys, #5)

ARC Generously Provided by Authors

All I can do is smile as I replay Seth and Dom’s journey. This series was my first experience with m/m, but it was the right choice. I wanted to see growth in these characters without drastic changes in who they are. K.A. Merikan didn’t disappoint. Dom remains a diabolical force to be reckoned with. He is vain, arrogant, over protective, affectionate, and loving. Seth remains indecisive, sporadic, lovable, spontaneous, and vibrant. They are the same, but have matured. They do what needs to be done to save themselves and their relationship. They talk like adults and take responsibility for their actions. I forget how young they are, but since I read these books like I’m studying, I think Dom is 24?, Seth is like a year older. So it was very important to show their growth.

Dom broke my heart. Gah!!!!! His love for Seth is amazing to witness. Sooo beautiful and all consuming. There so many swoon worthy moments in this book. I posted a ton of status updates on GR while reading. I laughed at times, especially when an old acquaintance shows up. They turned into boys right before my eyes because the banter was hilarious. As soon as I finished this I wanted to start all over again. I got my #level3 book boy fix in Dom. Oh… Mark. I love their family unit. So adorable and I can’t wait to see the man Dom shapes Mark into. I will never get enough of these boys and with at least 5 more books to go, I don’t have to. Book hangover is real. Thanks soooo much K.A., I guess I’ll wait a while to start pestering you for the next one. We love you guys!!!!!!!!

5 stars


I can’t add much to what Natasha has already said. We clearly live for Seth and Dom’s story. Their love has gone through so much, and they always come out stronger and more in love. I needed to see growth in their relationship and in them as individuals, but it needed to be believable. Not only did we see growth, but we got to experience the growing pains with them. There was the action that we’ve come to expect from this series as well as some truly tender moments. Love Seth and Dom!

5 stars


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