Flashback Friday!!!!!!


Yesterday while on GR, I was checking for the release of the sequel. If you don’t know it still hasn’t been released. Of course readers are extremely disappointed, some even calling for blood…lol.  I decided to post our review of this book in support of Francette Phal. We are still dying to know what happens and hope FP is somewhere creating a masterpiece.

That was a dark read…and those are always my favorite. I can’t wrap my head around the last 20% of this book. This author has the ability to introduce so many emotions in so little time. Her books are actually short, but they take you on such an adventure it feels like you’ve read a 500 page book. Knox was an evil bastard and I loved him. I want so much more.

4 stars

Please FP, we’re waiting. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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