Review: El Diablo by M. Robison

El Diablo (The Devil, #1)

He was the devil!!!!!!!! Alejandro was a terrible person on the outside. But if you looked closely he was a man with a big heart. This was an extremely angsty read. I need a neck brace from the whiplash that this book gave me. OMG!!!!!!!!! I wanted to strangle Alejandro on multiple occasions. The things he did were unforgivable. But I eventually ended up forgiving him. I hated the “tell” and not “show” aspects of this story. I mean with a book > 400 pages I expected to witness everything. Even though we didn’t witness everything, the characters were extremely relatable and their emotions were authentic. Lexi was a strong heroine, and time enough for Alejandro. Alejandro was the quintessential #level3 book boy. He was cunning, evil, and sexy as hell. I loved Lexi and Alejandro’s story.

4 stars


Ok listen, this man really was el Diablo. He was truly evil. He was also crazy! I could never anticipate his next move. Every time I thought things were looking up, he pulled the rug from under my feet. He was so smooth though, that even though he was evil, I found myself rooting for him by the end of the story. Alejandro was definitely a #level3 book boy. He was strong, sexy and domineering, but he had a vulnerable side underneath the expensive suit. I really enjoyed Lexi and Alejandro!

4 stars


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