Review: Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde


We read about a lot of MCs. This story was a little different because it had such an educational tone. It felt like the first of its kind. The story was good and easy to read. It was a little tame as far as MC story lines go. I really enjoyed the characters and Horse was definitely a #level3. I do wish the characters had been developed a bit more. Some of the character development seemed a bit rushed. I wanted to get to know more about Marie and more about Horse, but their personalities were very surface. The story did have some dark moments, and some really hot moments too.

3 stars


I liked this one. This series is known as one of the first from this sub genre. I decided to read this, because I’ll be meeting the author at the Mile High Event. I’m glad I decided to read this one. I was really engrossed in the plot and characters. I liked how the story was written. There were definitely some hot moments. Horse was a mammoth of a man with a heart to match. Definitely a #level3 book boy. I liked the fact that Marie was the one hard to tame.

3.5 stars


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