Review: Wilder (The Renegades) by Rebecca Yarros

Wilder (The Renegades, #1)

So this was my first read from Rebecca Yarros, and I am definitely a fan. I received this book via a give away. This story took me places I have never been. This is the second book I’ve read this month where the setting was such an integral part of the story. I really loved the ship, the excursions, and extreme stunts. Pax and Leah were so adorable. Pax pushed all of Leah’s boundaries, but her safety always came first. Pax is my favorite type of book boy. I love an alpha male who is soft when it comes to their woman. Leah was strong, smart, and independent. I loved their banter, and watching them fall in love. They had a lot of obstacles to overcome and it was kind of epic watching it happen. I can’t wait to read more  Renegades, because I fell in love with them as well. Penna, Landon, and Nick. You guys can have Zoe…lol. I now have a new series to stalk *sigh*

4 stars


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