Review: Break My Shell by K.A. Merikan

Break My Shell

An ARC was generously provided, by the authors, in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you K.A. Merikan. This story is NOT for everyone, but it was for me. Yes, it was dark at times. Yes, it had a BDSM theme. Yes, it was m/m. Yes, it had triggers. But oh my… It was soooo hawt and sooo much fun. Max was a #level3 book boy.  His presence jumped off the pages. But, poor Dayton was like a scared kitten. Initially, Dayton irritated me. But once I got to know him, I loved him like a little brother. Max was just the man to take care of all of Dayton’s needs.  Dayton was so not prepared for Max to show up at his home. It was entertaining to watch him come to grips with it. I loved how Max was so open and unapologetic when it came to loving Dayton.  Max and Dayton’s story proved that all the walls that have been built can come tumbling down when you feel safe. *swoon* K.A. writes some of the best alphas. Can Dom meet Max somehow? Just wishful thinking…

4 stars


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