Review: The Anatomy of Us by Amelia LeFay

The Anatomy of Us (WJM, #2)

This was one of my most anticipated books this year. And it didn’t disappoint. Maxwell, Wesley, and Jane were as hot as ever. This story is definitely not for everyone. I love these characters and their growth. Maxwell is no longer hiding who he loves from the world. Wesley has made wonderful career choices. Jane is just as strong as ever. This is a fun, entertaining read. I don’t know what it is about these characters, but I absolutely love spending time with them. I hope we get a few extended epilogues soon! I miss them already.

4 stars


This was such a great continuation of this story. I loved these characters and there were some really hot moments. Jane was such a strong female lead, it was so great getting back into her head. The dynamic between these three was unique, but as sweet as it was hot. It is so refreshing to see Max stand up for himself and his loves. The auxiliary characters were strong too. Between all the moms and Irene, this was a well loved and supported family. This was such a fun, sweet, and sexy read. I will be sad if this truly the last we hear from them…I don’t think a little more about Irene would disappoint…

4 stars


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