Review: Skin by B.B. Easton

SKIN (A 44 Chapters Novel #1)

There is so much I want to say about this book, but my thoughts and feelings are all over the place. Let’s see if I can piece together a coherent review. So this is a 44 Chapters novel about Skin and BB. I loved BB and Knight in 44 Chapters, but after reading this I became kind of obsessed with them. I don’t know how BB made this black girl fall head over heels in love with a psychotic skin head, but she did. Knight gave me whiplash. One minute I was shaking in my boots, and the next I was wishing it was me cuddling with him. This was one of the most honest portrayals I have ever read regarding first loves. I live for HEAs, but that’s not BB and Knight’s story. Their story is of first love. The type of love  where all logic is thrown out the window, acceptance infinite, and all reservations ignored. It was beautiful. It was ugly. It was reckless. BB and Knight fought their personal demons, as well as each other’s. They loved each other in spite of all the ugliness. When I realized just how much Knight loved BB and the sacrifice he made to prove it, I ugly cried. It was the worst. It was the best. It was true love.

5 stars


When BB writes, we read. It really is that simple. She writes stories that are shocking, sexy and heartbreaking and we love her for it. Skin was no exception to the rule. Being in young BB’s head was such a stark contrast to 44 chapters that it was an immediate shock to the system and I did not want to stop reading. We got to know BB a little deeper and gained a better understanding of how she could have possibly ended up with the skinhead. Their love was genuine even though they were young. Knight was anything but simple. I did not want to like him. I mean, he was THE skinhead. He was scary as hell one minute and the next he was the sweetest boy ever. Their love was not pretty but it was genuine. I hate HEAs. I like love stories that are real, and grimy, and frustrating and disappointing. Knight and BB’s connection was all of the above, but it was also self-sacrificing, all encompassing, and beautiful. They loved each other no questions asked and no holds barred. Their story was tragic as first love often is, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

5 stars


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