Throwback Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beneath the Burn

We chose this book in lieu of Pam Godwin’s new release Dark Notes. We loved this story. Jay and Charlee are on our favorite couples list. Hope you enjoy our throwback review of Beneath the Burn. #throwbackthursday #stillrereading


This book took me through the ringer. Up, down, right, wrong, no, yes. This story was a roller coaster and I loved every hill, dip, twist and turn. Charlee and Jay’s love was born from the fierce pain that they shared. The connection they shared stayed intact through their 3 year separation. Their love knew no bounds. It was a beautiful bond that aided in healing both of them. The book was so long, and I adore long books. I loved how Jay sacrificed himself and his feelings time and time again to protect Charlee. They will go in my favorite couples pile. Roy was an obsessed prick. I wanted him dead in Chapter 5, he was outrageous. His obsession border-lined on being unbelievable. I was like… really dude. LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!! The band and their friendship was unwavering and loyal to the core. They loved Jay so much. They genuinely wanted what was best for him. The band was an unbreakable unit. So glad the author didn’t go with the cliched band fights. I really enjoyed being submerged in the lives of Charlee and Jay.

Just read this book for a 2nd time and I loved it even more. 6/15

4 stars

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